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…a moving book that explores the power of faith and what it takes to maintain it.

Publishers Weekly and BookLife

The debut novel from Dennis, the realtor, grant writer, and author of The Road to Credit Repair pulls from her wealth of experience in the housing market and her Christian faith to spin the dramatic, inspirational tale of Faith Richwood, introduced as a devout Catholic school girl, who as she grows up develops a passion for helping others through the construction of affordable housing. Even at eighteen, Faith has her life in order: friends, a steady career path, a loving marriage with her soulmate, Benny, and, above all, an unwavering devotion to God—until destiny interrupts Faith’s idyllic happily-ever-after and her and her family’s lives are changed forever.

With parallels to the story of Job, Amazing Faith asks how much adversity can the truly faithful handle before their belief is shaken. As she enters adulthood, Faith faces loss, disease, financial problems, and homelessness during her life, all while raising her three children, but rather than weaken her faith in God, these difficulties strengthen her devotion and inspire her to persevere and thrive after all the destruction she endures. From the broken pieces of Faith’s life, Faith, her family, and her friends build a new one that follows Benny’s oft-repeated message: “Carry no baggage. You cannot move forward living off the hurt from the past.”

At times heart-wrenching, uplifting, and tragic, Dennis’s first foray into fiction is smooth and streamlined, paced well, and written in inviting prose that balances uplifting parable with a clear-eyed, life-drawn explication of Faith and family’s debt, housing issues, and health crises. This characterization isn’t especially nuanced or complex, but Faith is certainly likable, even as she’s tested and even wonders, briefly, whether she might be losing her mind. The result is a straightforward, accessible, Christian drama about a woman who finds the wherewithal to pray “without ceasing,” a moving book that explores the power of faith and what it takes to maintain it.

The Story

“Faith can move mountains,” Benny whispered to himself. He would not follow in the footsteps of his parents. He would rise above. In many ways, he already had…

Benny and Faith were high school sweethearts who fell deeply in love the first day they met. That love increased with each day they were together. Immediately after graduating high school, the couple eloped, vowing a love for each other that time could never alter. Benny’s hard work provided well for Faith and their children. They had it all: a wonderful middle-class lifestyle, money, good health, and three beautiful, highly intelligent kids–the perfect family, the perfect life—until one day…

This moving love story will warm your heart, arouse your emotions, inspire your dreams, and encourage your faith as you witness Faith abide in the word of God on her quest to rise above the turmoil and despair of rock bottom. Amazing Faith will keep you engaged from the first page to the last and inspire you to be patient, to mix action with prayer, and still maintain faith, trust, and the belief that God will never forsake us. Faith is a journey of resilience in the face of adversity. 

Deborah Dennis

To God Be the Glory!

Thank you, Father, for absolutely everything you have ever given me. First and foremost, I dedicate Amazing Faith in Your Honor—for without You, this book would not have been possible. To those who make my heart beat, thank you for your patience over the last couple of years as I took time away from you to write Amazing Faith. I gratefully acknowledge your support, and I dedicate this book to you, Mes Chéris Amours: My husband – W. T. Dennis, Jr.; My girls – Nikisha and Chevella “Joy”My Grands – Frederick, Kynidi, Aloni, and AniyahI love you more than you will ever know. Through your very existence, you encourage me, and you inspire me. You are the wind beneath my wings and the reason I rise in the mornings to do what I do.

About the Author

Deborah Dennis is a seasoned realtor with more than 30 years of experience as a home builder and real estate investor in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. She has held a real estate license since January 2008. Additionally, she holds certification as a Texas Affordable Housing Specialist, certification as a Homebuyer Education Counselor and certification as a Financial Literacy Counseling Coach. Deborah has been on the leading edge in community development, creating decent and affordable houses that are green and maintenance-proof as a mission. Deborah and her husband built the Enchanted Villas Subdivision, Oak Cliffs’ first gated community of custom homes during her tenure. This development was noticed by the Dallas Morning News, where she was featured on the front page of the Real Estate Section.

With an award-winning career, Deborah has been cited on numerous occasions in print for her work with community development, as well as being honored with the 2000 Quest for Success Award. Through the book she authored, The Road to Credit Repair, she enlightens readers on how to improve their credit score and become creditworthy to position themselves for property ownership. She uses her book to train prospective homebuyers and small businesses to become bankable. Her ultimate goal in real estate is to develop housing for single mothers and to encourage them to start a money tree and water it through an understanding of creditworthiness, financial literacy, and building wealth. She is on a mission to work with mothers to build wealth for the benefit of their future generations.

As a grant writer, Deborah has written many grants to build houses for seniors and single mothers—individuals who, without her grants, would have had a slim chance of becoming a homeowner. Moreover, she has housed young adults who aged out of foster care and trained them to live a sustainable and independent life outside of foster care.

Deborah resides in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex with her husband, their two girls, and four grandchildren.

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Amazing Faith is a riveting, spiritual, and inspiring whodunit! Beautifully written and very engaging, it is a love story, a mystery, a commentary on society, and a practical guide to navigating the worlds of finance and real estate. Above all, it is a parable testifying to the power of prayer, belief, and personal vision. This book is an enjoyable read . . . and gripping . . . I highly recommend it! Verified Amazon Review

Amazing Faith is beautifully written and very engaging. It is a love story, a mystery, a commentary on society, and a practical guide to navigating the worlds of finance and real estate. Above all, it is a parable testifying to the power of prayer, belief, and personal vision. E. A. R. Okafo Penn

This book was wonderful, with a great storyline. I hope to see more great work from this author.
Amazon Review from SweetLadyBug

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